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                .It is used for soaking ,liming,picking,dyeing and fatliquaring of all kind of skins and hides.(Cattle,lamb,goat,pig,etc…)
                .It is a cylindrical mixed made from stainless steel material.
                .Specially designed,angle blades generade uniform and continous skins/hides inside the drum.
                .One piece welded ss body is supported and mounted on heavy steel main frame,with two heavy duty front and rear bearings.
                .The main frame is also equipped with a circulation pump.
                .Loading can be done either by a conveyor system or by a forklift while unloading is to be done by the reverse rotation of the mixer.
                .Washing process of all mixers are done throught 2dranage valves.Dranage valves are made from ss material.Manuel,accentric.
                .The mixers is equipped with heavy type gearbox and electrical motor.
                .All SS mixers is equipped with variable speed control system.Mixer rotating speed can change 0-17rpm.

                MODEL   KM1 KM2 KM3 KM4 KM5
                Working Capacity Liters 3.000 5.000 10.500 16.500 22.000
                Body Angle Angle 15 15 15 15 12
                Rotating Speed r.p.m 0~17 0~17 0~17 0~17 0~17
                Main Motor Power kw 15 18.5 22 30 37
                Circulation Pump Power kw 4 4 5.5 5.5 5.5
                Mouth Width A-mm 800 1000 1080 1080 1080
                Loading Height B-mm 1650 1700 2000 2400 2500
                Chassis Length C-mm 4400 4440 5300 6850 8200
                Max.Length D-mm 5350 5400 6100 7900 9100
                Chassis Width E-mm 1400 1800 2000 2200 2200
                Max.Height F-mm 2600 2900 3200 3600 3600
                Max.Width G-mm 2250 2600 2750 3080 3080

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