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                Our G14-40 Horse Leather Hanger Conveyor.
                It is suitable for the dry of all kind of leathers.
                It makes full use of the workroom in the heat.Decrease working intensity,Achieve a purpose of pipelining.
                If you use a dry tunel,It would be perfect because of good structure and good technique,it is easy to set up and easy to convey.

                  The construfure site.It makes full use of the workroom.It can be used more easily and effectively.It is an deal Dry Tunnel instrument.
                  Airchain conveyor insterted into a tunnel type TH003,especially planned to help the drying processor,as shown in picture NO.1.When in a closed room,the drying process can be set in advance,the skin’s final humidity can be controlled by different time through a machine at air-spare type TH004or with heat-pump type TH005.

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