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                  Our factory produceФ800-1800 wooden testing drum Thermal Cycled and Temperature Controllable Stainless steel Testing Drum,the main advantages are as follows:

                  1.       It adopts advarlced system of frequency conversion control,which can control the running speed of the drum to achieve the request of tanning process.

                  2.       It utilizes the principle of frequency conversion to reach the technical desire of automatism,manual drive,running,and timing,which can make the drum controlled smoothly.

                  3.       The Thermal Cycled and Temperature Controllable Stainless steel Testing Drum uses double deck bodies,and the liquor in the interlayer circulate,which can achieve the purpose of Drum.So heating and heat preservation of the date of proportioning of water,the piece of leather,and the material of leathem can be more exactitude and credibility.

                Specification Door Hole Power Speed Capacity 备注
                DXL CXH KW (R/min) (L)  
                1000x800 300x350 1.5kw 0-25 0.382 机械调速或变频调速
                1200x1000 400x450 1.5kw 0-25 0.76 机械调速或变频调速
                1500x1200 400x450 1.5kw 0-25 1.67 机械调速或变频调速
                  Stainless steel Experiment drum

                Type G800 G801 G1000 G1001 G1201 G1600
                Specification ф800x300 ф800x400 ф1000x400 ф1000x500 ф1200x500 ф1600x600
                Capacity(kg) 20 20 40 40 60 78
                Speed 0--25 0--25 0--25 0--25 0--25 0--20
                Temperature range 0--70℃±1℃ 0--70℃±1℃ 0--70℃±1℃ 0--70℃±1℃ 0--70℃±1℃ 0--70℃±1℃
                Total Power 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8 4.6 8.6
                Weight 480 520 540 550 670 870
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