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                1.A set of reliable computer system to be used for all operating processes along with quality components such as temperature controller,humidity controller,SEW geatbox,inverter and spraying head,which can guarantee our products high quality class and low faultrate.


                The quiet geatbox to be adjusted speeds by changing frequencyon the inverter,It can supply the different milling processes with mostsuitable mechanical actions.The computer system controls the drum through transmission to carry out all operating processes as time running,start,stop,running at both directions,setting work time,posting and fixing postion of drum door easy to load and unload the shins and hides.

                3.Temperature control&Humidity control The computer system can set semperature requested as per different leathers,It reduces the negative effects caused by season and environment temperature different through such processes:temperature rise controlling temperature by air change cooling down temperature.

                The computer system also can set humidity requested as per different leathers,It can eliminate the cohere,contraction and the hardness of leather fiber,and also greatly improve the fullness and softness,surface graininess and appearance through increasing humidity by spraying water,controlling humidity by air change.It can improve the hand feeling smooth looking and appearance of leather by spraying the chemicals over the leather inside drum and absorbing properly.

                4.Dust collection
                A sealed dust collection system consists of drum controller,far,dust-collecting box filter,pipeline and drum cavity.The dust caused by milling will be dropped into filter,and static electricity also can be eliminated completely.The dust-collecting box can be clear conveniently.

                SCOPE OF USE
                The draw drum made of stainless steel possesses the features of high precision multiple functions,high efficency and automatization.It untilize advanced technique,such as pneumatic circuit,automatic control,and program control,It enablbs to control heat,temperature and humidity automatically.Theoperation is simple.To use equipment contributers carry out continuity and automatization of tanning production,The leaths after bating soft are not only eleminmated cohers,contraction and hardness of firbe and possessed moderate soft and extend,but also reinstand area of contraction because of dry.Therefore,it can be raise strength,reduce extend,and improce exterior observe,the leathers have excellent surface graininess.

                This machine consist of inside drum of stainless steel,Outside shell with heashielded layer,frame,driving component and automatization control set of water,electric and gas.

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