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                The function of milling drum
                1.A set of reliable computer system to be used for all operating processes along with quality comp onents onents such as temperature controller,humidity controller SEW gearbox,inverter and spraying head,which can guar antee our products high quality class and low fault rate.

                The quiet gearbox to be adjusted speeds by changing frequency on the inverter,It can supply the different milling processes with most suitable mechanical actions.The computer system controls the drum through transmission to carry out all operating processes as time running,start,stop,running at both directions,setting work time,posting and fixing postion of drum door easy to load and unload the shins and hides.

                3.Temperature control&Humidity control
                The computer system can set temperature requested as per different leathers.It reduces the negative effects caused by air change—cooling down temperature.The computer system also can set humidity requested as per different leathers,It can eliminate the cohere,contraction and the hardness of leather fiber,and also greatly improve the fullness and softness,surface graininess and appearance through increasing humidity by spraying water,controlling humidity by air change.It can improve the hand feeling smooth looking and appearance of leather by spraying the chemicals over the leather inside drum and absorbing properly.

                4.Dust collection
                A sealed dust collection systeam consists of drum controller,fan,dust-collecting box filter,pipeline and drum cavity.The dust caused by milling will be dropped into filter,and static electricity also can be eliminated completely.The dust-collecting box can be clear conveniently.

                Outline Technical Parameter(mm)
                Contour size 320x210 250x180
                Height 3500 2900
                Length 4760 4000
                Width 3200 2600
                Main Technical Parameter
                Outside dimensio
                3200mmx2100mm 2500mmx1800mm
                Door size
                1500mmx1000mm 1100mmx650mm
                Loading capacity 800mmx1000mm 500kg
                Rotating speed 0---20r/min 0---20r/min
                Wind speed 12.6/m/s 12.6/m/s
                General power 25kw 18.8kw
                Weight 5500kg 3900kg
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